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I am a technology teacher for Macon Middle School. In Northeast Missouri. I have been using an online classroom with Moodle for the past several years. My students use a hybrid online, brick and mortar class. My classes are designed to support the core classes in that: In 8th grade we study the Constitution of the United States using smartboards, podcast, vidcast, internet research and word. In 7th we study economics using HTML, game creation, ebook writing, podcast, game playing, excel spreadsheets, and database design. In 6th grade we study geography and math using Monopoly with checks, spreadsheets, and work on keyboarding, speed typing, touch typing and dictation. In addition to education I am an avid fisherman, hunter, hot air balloon lover, front porch setter, square dancer, so you will also be seeing information on these subjects as well from time to time.

Code Ninja club. team game making contest. This fall one of the things we have done with the Code Ninja computer club is to encourage students to make games collaboratively. To do this I challenged students to form teams of … Continue reading

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Teaching programming and Language skills by creating ebooks using Sigil.

ebook rubric Writing ebooks. All about me Today we are starting to write ebooks. An ebook is an electionic publication that can be read in an ereader, on an android or on an Ipad. Your ebook is going to be … Continue reading

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Teach programming with a computer club

Good morning: I wanted to show you how we teach programming in my classes. I don’t have time to teach much during class, so we do it before school in a club. We use free online websites for instruction. Then … Continue reading

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Learning the Constitution with podcast.

Well the summer is half over and I need to begin thinking about what I should do in my classes this fall. Last year I changed up my podcast lessons a little. Instead of using a script for the students … Continue reading

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Problem? or not?

Just wondering how many of you have this same issue. (conflict with the upper level grade instruction tract) back ground: I teach middle school computers. 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. We program games using scratch before school in computer … Continue reading

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programming with scratch.

This is the first year I have taught summer school. I have to say it doesn’t pay enough and I will not do it again. However, I have had an interesting teaching experience. One of the courses I was to … Continue reading

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Ahh Moodle, a dream come true.

For several years I wanted to move my 6-8 grade classrooms to an online format. Hybrid with  classwork being done in the classroom but lessons and homework being disseminated and collected online. I first tried Ning, until my school deemed … Continue reading

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Fishing report

Wind 15-20 mph. from south to southeast. Water temp 55 degrees F Air temp. 63 Water cloudy full of mud and silt, Visibility about 1 inch. Just recently rained a lot. Depth. 6-10 ft. grass beds along mud bottom and … Continue reading

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time to unplug.

Well, thanks to by brother in law I have several hundred 45 rpm records to search through for some dance music. So here I am playing records instead of grading papers. I know bad teacher bad, bad. Oh well, I … Continue reading

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collaboration over the network

Constitution review game Standards: 1. Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary documents. 2. Determine a central idea or information of a primary or secondary source; provide accurate summary of the source distinct from prior knowledge. … Continue reading

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