Teaching programming and Language skills by creating ebooks using Sigil.

ebook rubric

Writing ebooks.

All about me

Today we are starting to write ebooks. An ebook is an electionic publication that can be read in an ereader, on an android or on an Ipad.

Your ebook is going to be a story about you. It will be divided into 15 chapters. Each chapter will contain text and a photograph.

We will be using a program called Sigil to edit our ebooks. To access the sigil user manual follow this link http://web.sigil.googlecode.com/git/files/OEBPS/Text/tutorials.html

Here is a list of the topics you can include in your book. Select 15 of the items on the list. You will need a paragraph consisting of a minimum of 3-5 sentences about each topic. You will need a picture to accompany each topic. Each topic will be considered a separate chapter in your ebook. The more you can write about the topic the better. This is a project to help support the language curriculum. Therefore, we will be working on good sentence structure. Do not use fragmented sentences. We will look at good paragraphing. Each paragraph should include good adjectives and descriptions, good verbs, and good noun usage. Spelling and grammar will count.

All about me


  • Home
    • family
    • pets
    • traditions
    • holidays
    • vacations
    • friends
    • hobbies
    • music
    • movies
    • sports
    • foods
    • Television
    • events
    • birthdays
    • games
    • pet-peeves
    • favorites
  • School
  • friends
  • favorites
  • subjects
  • extra-curricular activities
  • clubs
  • band
  • music
  • memories
  • lunch
  • dances
  • concerts
  • events
  • mascot
  • sports
  • competitions
  • goals
  • personalities

Here are some videos explaining how to use sigil to make your ebooks. Each ebook will need to have some styling and Css added to the book to make it look professional. We will publish the final ebooks on Moodle.




About merlehall

I am a technology teacher for Macon Middle School. In Northeast Missouri. I have been using an online classroom with Moodle for the past several years. My students use a hybrid online, brick and mortar class. My classes are designed to support the core classes in that: In 8th grade we study the Constitution of the United States using smartboards, podcast, vidcast, internet research and word. In 7th we study economics using HTML, game creation, ebook writing, podcast, game playing, excel spreadsheets, and database design. In 6th grade we study geography and math using Monopoly with checks, spreadsheets, and work on keyboarding, speed typing, touch typing and dictation. In addition to education I am an avid fisherman, hunter, hot air balloon lover, front porch setter, square dancer, so you will also be seeing information on these subjects as well from time to time.
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